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There are 3 things needed for a health spine

Choosing the Right Eugene Chiropractor

...is an important decision to make as there are significant differences to consider. We believe if you want to feel better you need to function better. Our focus on improving Alignment, Flexibility, and Strength are at the core of what we do.

Poor Alignment can lead to abnormal wear patterns leading to unwanted pain patterns. How you sit, lift, or carry yourself are important. Restoring healthy patterns can make profound improvements in your health and function of your nervous system.

Proper Flexibility and movement helps to lubricate and provide nutrition to joints, discs, and tissues. When joints become tight abnormal wear patterns set in leading to premature degeneration.

Optimal strength is essential for stabilization and protection of your spine. Our Doctors are focused on re-building core spinal strength utilizing cutting edge technology. Often, this is the most overlooked cause of recurring back pain and really what sets Back2Strength apart.

You can feel confident when choosing Back2Strength as we feature some of the top Eugene chiropractors - Dr. Gregg Gittins and Dr. Andrew Huston. Our chiropractors have been recognized 3 times as Eugene’s “Top Doctors” and in 2016 won the Register-Guard Readers Choice award for “Favorite Eugene Chiropractor”.

What to expect from us?

  • A Doctors who values and appreciate you.
  • A warm friendly voice when answering the phone or arriving to our office.
  • A compassionate and caring staff.
  • Often a same day appointment or an appointment very quickly.
  • A team of trusted health professionals to advise you on your condition and treatment options.
  • Doctors who care and listen to your concerns.
  • Respect.

On your first visit:

On your first visit to Back2Strength Eugene Chiropractic Center your chiropractor will take the time to explain how chiropractic care works. A detailed history and evaluation will be performed to determine if chiropractic care is right for you.

This appointment generally takes about 1 hour. The chiropractors at Back2Stength commonly address a variety of different conditions including acute / chronic lower back or neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, work and motor vehicle injuries, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and injuries to the upper and lower extremities.

If you are tired of dealing with recurring episodes of lower back pain and poor lower back strength is suspected a strength assessment may be recommended for futher evaluation of your condition.

When appropriate, we take x-rays of our patients. X-rays are a diagnostic tool that can provide valuable information such as:

  • What could be causing your pain?
  • Is there any degeneration or other structural issues in spine?
  • Are there any other hidden problems?
  • Is it safe to adjust you?

If we feel you have an issue that chiropractic can help with - we will discuss your diagnosis, your treatment options, your health care goals, and answer any other questions you might have. If we do not feel we can help you we will make an appropriate referral to one of the many health care providers we work with.

We believe in honesty, integrity, and treating our patient’s dignity and respect - just as we would treat our own family. We really try and go the extra mile to accommodate our patient’s needs and often come in early or stay late to make this happen.

We look forward to meeting you.


I received eight treatments from Dr. Gittins in February. Shortly after treatment began I had my first “pain free” day. I feel as if I have years, good years, left to live now. I am out walking again. I am ready to wax my car and dance the jig! Elva B., Teacher
The spring training in addition to my chiropractic work was an amazing and wonderful balance. Using the machines during treatment really contributed to the success of my recovery. Everyone is very nice and friendly and I love coming to the office! Jessica T.